Learning Guides

Understanding the Learning Guide List

Learning guides are "just-in-time" informational lessons on specific topics. There are generally one or two training options available depending on the learning guide:

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    Click one of these links if you desire to use the learning guide for continuous learning hours (CLH). You will need an account for this option. This option is not available for all learning guides.
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    Clicking one of these links does not provide documentation of training and should not be used for CLHs. You do NOT need an account for this option.
  • Start Training
    Same as the above but is a resource that exists on another website.
International Military Student Briefing
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This learning guide is designed specifically for international military students (IMS) who are scheduled to attend training at Department of Defense schools or other military-sponsored training in the United States. This guide should be viewed by the international military students before their departure from their home country.