Welcome to the College of Strategic Security Cooperation

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The College of Strategic Security Cooperation (CSSC) is a component of the Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU) and was established in 2023. The College is located in the National Capital Region. CSSC’s focus is on higher-level Security Cooperation education as well as functional and regional studies. DSCU’s CSSC has world-class faculty in political science, security studies, humanitarian law, and gender studies with strong backgrounds in both practice and theory.

CSSC Mission

CSSC’s mission is to advance the education, training, and development of the Security Cooperation workforce through academically rigorous knowledge generation instruction, research, analysis, and practice.  

CSSC Courses

CSSC offers academically rigorous courses for the Security Cooperation workforce.  Course information can be found on the DSCU Course Catalog page. 

CSSC Vision

CSSC strives to create an empowered, knowledgeable, and certified Security Cooperation workforce prepared to achieve outcomes that enhance the security of the United States and its partners and allies.