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DSCU’s ICB Directorate

Established in 2022, DSCU’s ICB Directorate is the leading proponent for ICB.  The ICB Directorate leads ICB planning and resourcing, guides ICB professionalization and development, oversees the 10USC Section 332 ICB and Section 1208 Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) authorities, and manages DSCU’s MoDA program. Key efforts include:

  • Leading ICB planning, resourcing and reporting to enhance stakeholder and ICB community collaboration, enable ICB effectiveness in security cooperation processes, yield quality and prioritized programs, and enhance reporting and monitoring.
  • Driving ICB professionalization and practice development.  ICBD completed DSCU’s first ICB professionalization program and is undertaking next steps as a component of National Defense Strategy Implementation initiatives.
  • Developing a collaborative DSCU ICB knowledge and data management approach and hub to enable ICB planning and reporting, enhance analysis and lessons learned, and support development of ICB curriculum and training materials.
  • Leading DSCU’s MoDA program implementation. Learn more about the MoDA Program and MoDA Detailee Opportunities.
  • Standing-up the 10USC, Section 1208 WPS planning and resourcing processes, including becoming DSCA’s WPS office of responsibility and leading the Security Cooperation WPS sub-working group. 

Ministry of Defense Advisor (MoDA) Program

The Defense Security Cooperation University’s Ministry of Defense Advisor (MoDA) Program partners senior Department of Defense (DOD) civilian experts with foreign counterparts at the ministerial level to build institutional capacity in key areas, such as Acquisition and Logistics, Personnel and Readiness, Strategy and Policy, Human Resource Management and Financial Management. Click HERE to learn more about the MoDA Program.

MoDA Program leverages the specialized capabilities of DOD civilians and provides reach back support along with cultural, operational, and advisor training to ensure that in-country advising is appropriate and effective. Since July 2010, MoDA has trained and deployed 700+ resident advisors to more than 30 countries.

The following MoDA opportunities are available to qualified GS-13/14/15 civilians in permanent DOD positions. A detail with MoDA requires two months CONUS training prior to a 12-30 month in-country assignment. Click HERE for selection, training, and assignment FAQs.

Click on the position title for a full description:

Please send inquiries and applications to dsca.ncr.bpc.list.modaprograminfo@mail.mil

Job Announcements

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