DSCU SCO Update: Graduation, DSI, and DSCS

May 7, 2024

The Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU) is addressing legislative mandates, National Defense Strategy (NDS) initiatives, and the needs of Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) personnel through the recent graduation of SCO Operations Course students, the establishment of the Defense Security Cooperation Service (DSCS), and the standup and transition to the National Capital Region (NCR)of the Defense SCO Institute (DSI) this fall. On April 25, 2024, 45 students graduated DSCU’s seven-week SCO Operations Course, which prepares both military and civilian SCO personnel to represent the Department of Defense (DOD) to operate in complex, interagency, and international environments.

Prescribed by 10 U.S.C. Section 384 and revised in the FY2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Section 1204, DSCU is mandated to ensure that those who represent the DOD to partner nations are a professionalized force with the training and support necessary to advance national security objectives.

SCO Operations Course students glean knowledge from lectures, group work, and practical exercises while hearing from multiple guest speakers and experts including senior military and policy leaders, ambassadors, academics, and Security Cooperation practitioners. The course concludes with a week in the NCR, during which students focus on forging key relationships for their in-country assignments. Additionally, during this iteration of the course, the students had the opportunity to connect with DSCU leadership on two major NDAA and NDS initiatives, the DSCS and DSI.

Dr. Jason Fritz, DSCU Vice President, discussed DSCU’s establishment of the Defense SCO Institute (DSI) in the National Capital Region this fall. DSCU’s new DSI will serve as the DOD SCO schoolhouse, which will provide bespoke preparation and training essential for SCO personnel to be mission ready day one of their assignments. Learn more about DSI in the April edition of the DSCU Report Card.

Mr. Saul Bracero, DSCU Deputy Assistant Director for Strategic Workforce Programs, briefed and engaged in questions and answers about the DSCS. The DSCS will be established as a DSCA directorate with initial operating capability by October 2025. The establishment of the DSCS will consolidate the support infrastructure of the DOD’s critical SCO personnel at U.S. embassies into a single organization to ensure appropriate allocation of limited personnel resources across a global demand.


DSCU strives to be the center of intellectual life for the Security Cooperation enterprise; we prepare a global network of professionals to achieve outcomes that enhance the security of the United States and its partners and allies. DSCU works to ensure SCO personnel and their spouses have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to develop and sustain key relationships, assist partners in determining how to address capability and capacity gaps, and translate partner requirements into actionable Security Cooperation initiatives.

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