Resident Course Refresh: Women, Leadership, and National Defense

June 18, 2024

ISG recently conducted the latest iteration of its Women, Leadership, and National Defense (WLND) resident course at its headquarters in Monterey, Calif. This course brought together 11 participants from 11 different nations, including three civilians and eight military personnel.  

The WLND course aimed to enhance leadership skills and foster a deeper understanding of gender dynamics within national defense contexts. Participants engaged in sessions on leadership strategies, communication, change management, and integrating gender perspectives in defense planning and operations.  

Under the leadership of ISG Senior Lecturer on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS), Ms. Samantha Turner, the Institute is reshaping its course offerings to be responsive to global partner demands and infusing them with cutting-edge best practices based on her years of practitioner experience in and out of uniform.  

The WLND Course uses adult learning principles that focus on how bias, gender inequality, and the Women, Peace, and Security agenda interconnect. The course also focuses on practical skills that learners can and have applied to their personal situations immediately upon graduation. Reflecting on the practical nature of the skills taught throughout this course, Turner offers:  

“It is essential that we are working with learners to empower them to use these skills and lead in their national contexts. Our aim is to be responsive to partner needs and offer a wide range of courses from gender in military operations to women's participation in leadership roles in national security to inclusive leadership practices that men can leverage to champion WPS efforts as practitioners right away – WLND is an excellent example of a course that does just that.” 

Turner also outlined the development of a gender focal point and gender advisor offering that are being designed now:  

“We recognize that it takes a village to get professionals trained and that those spots for WPS and related topics are at a premium globally. Our team aims to be a preferred partner for training every aspect of WPS and is working with international experts to make sure our training meets the mark to maximize interoperability for national, regional, and multilateral needs. We invite our partners around the world: ‘Come train with us!’”    

For more information on the WLND course and our other offerings, visit ISG’s Schoolhouse Hub.