FMS-261 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Case Execution

This practitioner-level course delves into the roles, responsibilities, tasks and stakeholders in the execution phase of the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) case.   Using historically based scenarios, the student will work through tasks facing case managers in their typical work-lives focusing on the interplay between partner nation members and case managers as employ existing USG processes to meet Partner Nation requirements. Participants will gain a high-level understanding of the broad, but vital role of case managers and how they fit in the overall logistics and acquisition management system.

This course is designed to provide practical-level knowledge and skills for Security Cooperation Professionals in the International Logistics Control Offices (ILCOs); and situational awareness of case management mission for logistics and acquisition professionals who execute programs using foreign military sales funds.  Participants will engage in practical exercises, case studies, and real-world simulations to enhance their ability to contribute effectively to Foreign Military Sales case lifecycle.