FMS-265 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Logistics

FMS-265 is a practitioner-level course that is designed to equip Security Cooperation professionals with essential knowledge and skills vital to their roles in logistical support. This course comprises five modules focusing on critical aspects of foreign military logistics:

  • Module 1: Sustainment introduces learners to sustainment plans for Foreign Military Sales (FMS), emphasizing the identification of gaps and improvement areas in support strategies.
  • Module 2: MILSTRIP educates on interpreting MILSTRIP requisition numbers and Transportation Control Numbers (TCNs) to ensure accuracy in procurement processes.
  • Module 3: Supply Discrepancy Report guides participants through conditions and procedures for submitting reports, highlighting compliance with LOA terms and DoD policies.
  • Module 4: SCIP for Logistics explores the purpose and capabilities of SCIP (Security Cooperation Information Portal), emphasizing its role in enhancing freight tracking and logistics support.
  • Module 5: Catalog Data focuses on interpreting DLA Logistics Information Service and Federal Logistics Information System data, crucial for executing effective Foreign Military Sales programs. 

Throughout the course, learners will develop proficiency in logistics responsibilities, problem-solving, and operational planning within the context of security cooperation missions. By completing FMS-265, participants will be prepared to streamline operations, mitigate risks, and enhance the effectiveness of security cooperation efforts crucial to national security.