Registration for all DSCU courses is performed on myDSCU, the DSCU Learning Management System (LMS). You must have an account on the system to access it. If you know you have an account, use the "myDSCU Login" button DIRECTLY ABOVE ON THIS PAGE to go to the login screen. If you have trouble signing in, use the login screen’s "Need help signing in?" link for help.

If you do NOT have an account (or are not sure), go to the "Online SAAR Form Completion" section below for instructions to create an account or to reconnect with an existing account.

All users complete the same System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form, a preview of which is shown below. The SAAR form can be accessed by clicking the "myDSCU SAAR Form" button above. Click the applicable link below to open detailed completion instructions in Adobe Acrobat format.

Screen shot of SAAR forms
SAAR form preview