DIILS Partners with Thailand

June 13, 2024

A Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) team recently traveled to Thailand to conduct a seminar on Human Rights and the Law of Armed Conflict with members of the  Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Center.   DIILS is the provider of choice for Rule of Law seminars focused on International Human Rights, the Law of Armed Conflict (also called International Humanitarian Law), and civilian control of the military. These seminars typically involve up to 16 hours of training, plus time for administrative functions, and are typically completed over the course of three days.

As a component of the Defense Security Cooperation University, DIILS advances U.S. national security and foreign policy interests by building the legal capacity of Partner Nations to respond to shared security challenges in a responsible, accountable, and legally compliant manner through activities that promote the rule of law, enhance compliance with human rights and international humanitarian law, and support effective and responsible democratic governance.

Group photo