PMA-201 Political-Military Activities for Practitioners

You understand U.S. national security objectives and Security Cooperation (SC) programs, but do you understand that a partner has their own objectives and interest?  Furthermore, even in the most important or high-profile SC programs, U.S. and partner interests do not aways align. If you are at the SC practitioner level, you should have a baseline understanding of SC objectives, authorities, policies and how they are informed by the NDS and NSS. However, you may not understand partner nation interests and objectives. The partner gets a vote in the outcome of an SC program or policy, and the partners interests may not align with those of the US. Utilizing three case studies, this course examines why partner interest don’t always align with U.S. interests.  This course will demonstrate how partner interest misalignment can happen at the tactical or strategic level, and this misalignment can have catastrophic impacts on U.S. foreign policy.