DSCU Hosts Final Executive Education 901 Course

Posted on: 12/14/2023

The Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU) hosted six students for the final iteration of the Executive Education 901 Course from December 4-8, 2023, at its Arlington, Virginia, campus. The students were in positions, or moving into positions, entailing responsibility for the planning and execution of Security Cooperation programs.

The class had representation from the Montana and Florida National Guards, Air Force Air Education and Training Command (Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron), U.S. Army Pacific Command, and the Department of the Navy. The course provided an understanding of Security Cooperation whole-of-government processes, roles, and responsibilities to include strategic considerations, current legal and policy guidance, and the various operational and tactical challenges impacting the planning and execution of Security Cooperation programs.

As part of the revamped Security Cooperation Workforce (SCW) Certification 2.0 Program, which will be implemented in phases during fiscal year ’24, the Executive Certification 2.0 proficiency level will have new, enhanced curriculum and enrollment will be primarily based on rank/grade.

New Executive Education curriculum and class dates will be released later in FY24. DSCU Executive Education courses under Certification 2.0 will be generally available to General Officer, civilian SES, and nominative E-9 SCW members who are in positions that require only a broad foundation in Security Cooperation.

Learn more about Certification 2.0 at www.dscu.edu/certification2.

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