Posted on: 9/25/2023

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Policy (OSDP) announced today that the Defense Resources Management Institute (DRMI) realigned to the Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU), a directorate of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA). This transition of DRMI management and oversight is the result of the close collaboration of the DRMI Policy Guidance Council, including colleagues from OSDP, Office of the Security of Defense Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer, Secretary of the Navy, DSCA, and DSCU.

Since 1965, DRMI, located in Monterey, California, has responded to the needs of the Department of Defense, teaching principles, concepts, and applications of defense resources management to U.S. and partner nation students in financial and resources management, and other defense specialties. DRMI faculty provide graduate-level expertise in the associated academic disciplines.

“As DSCU strives to be the center of intellectual life for the Security Cooperation Enterprise, adding DRMI’s integral mission and impressive faculty to DSCU’s ranks is a major step,” said Dr. Celeste Gventer, DSCU President. “DRMI has a distinguished resume and inspiring 60-year reputation as the premier provider of innovative professional education programs in defense resources management to American and international students. Welcome DRMI colleagues!”

DSCU’s DRMI is now one of five University components. In collaboration with the rest of DSCA, the University’s cross-functional components and headquarters’ sections work in concert to create synergies that benefit students, strategic partners, and the National Defense Strategy.

DRMI's programs enhance the efficient and effective allocation of scarce resources in today's defense organizations by developing course participants' analytical decision-making skills. To accomplish this, DRMI provides a dynamic learning environment featuring interactive lectures on key concepts from economics, management, and quantitative reasoning; facilitated small group discussions; and real-world case studies.

DSCU’s mission is to advance the knowledge and practice of Security Cooperation through the education, training, and development of the U.S. Security Cooperation workforce and through the education, training and institutional capacity building of partner nations; and to produce research, analysis, and lessons learned that expand the intellectual foundations of Security Cooperation.

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