Certification Process

Security Cooperation Workforce (SCW) members must take the following steps to achieve certification:

Step 1: Visit the Certification Center

Members of the SCW view their certification status on the SC Certification Center, where they can see which courses are required for their position, which courses they have received credit for, which courses are remaining, and their SC experience status.
If you cannot access the certification center, please contact the DSCU SCW Certification Support Team at dsca.ncr.fo.mbx.scwdd@mail.mil.

Step 2: Register and complete courses

Members of the SCW register for required courses from the DSCU Course Catalog and complete the remaining required courses for certification. All basic-level courses are accomplished online, whereas intermediate- and higher-level courses may be delivered via a combination of virtual and in-resident courses.
A Learning Management System (LMS) account is created during course registration, and students will receive a confirmation email with their student login information. Students complete all required online courses and modules through the LMS.
For in-resident classroom training, the registration form is routed to the appropriate enrollment approval points of contact prior to acceptance in the course.
NOTE: Many in-resident courses consist of a blended delivery method that includes distance learning training modules to be completed prior to arriving for the in-resident portion of a course.
Courses required for certification completed through DSCU and DAU are automatically recorded in the SC Certification Center the day after the student passes the course. DAU course completion reporting may take 30 days or longer to appear, but DSCU courses are generally reflected in a student’s transcript within 48 hours of completion. SCW members may download a copy of their unofficial transcript from the Training Report page of the SC Certification Center.

Step 3: Gain Required Experience

Before an SCW member is eligible for certification, they must also complete one year of experience at the required level and SC Area of Concentration (AoC) for their position. This is automatically tracked in the Security Cooperation Workforce Development Database (SCWD-D) based on the dates a member assumes their position and is entered in SCWD-D.
NOTE: Personnel entered into a SCWD-D position prior to January 1, 2021 will have their one-year experience requirement waived.

Step 4: Component Certification Authority (CCA) Review

As soon as all certification requirements for mandatory training and experience are met for the SCW member’s position, their status automatically changes to “eligible for certification, in good standing.”
The SCW member’s Component Certification Authority (CCA) views those eligible for certification on the Cert Admin page of the SC Certification Center, and certifies them at the level and SC AoC achieved.
NOTE: SCW members may be certified at each level completed up to the highest level required by their position.

Step 5: Certification Achieved

SCW members and their CCA can download and print a certificate for each level achieved within their position’s AoC from the SC Certification Center.

Step 6: Complete Continuous Learning

The SCW member must maintain Good-Standing with the program by completing all mandatory training and continuous learning requirements according to the certification requirements for their level of certification and SC AoC. The SCWD-D automatically tracks good standing status. SCW members can track their status in the SC Certification Center.