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Intermediate Regional Orientation and Cross Cultural Competence Courses Pause

The Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU) is currently updating and repurposing the Intermediate Regional Orientation and Cross Cultural Competence Courses (SC-250, 251, 252,253, 254, and 255). FY23 courses scheduled to start after 31 March 2023 will be paused and no longer offered by The School of Security Cooperation Studies. DSCU is making these changes during the Security Cooperation certification program stand down in order to minimize the impact it will have on the workforce.

Security Cooperation professionals are encouraged to consult with their supervisor regarding continuing DSCU courses. DSCU continues to grow and improve its abilities to deliver education, training, research, and analysis to the U.S. Security Cooperation Workforce. In order to further implement the full scope of DSCU's mission, it is imperative DSCU continues to reassess and adjust its workforce program activities and curriculum to meet the new demands and strengthen the capabilities of the Security Cooperation enterprise.

Date posted: 3/7/2022

Changes to Student Travel Funding

The DSCU Budget Office no longer administers student travel funds as in previous years, but funds may still be acquired through the Service/Agency’s funding process if needed from DSCA. Students should coordinate with their service detailers or appropriate budget office to acquire travel funds. Student travel will be administered through the students’ respective organization, per their rules and regulations. Questions regarding other travel-related budget issues may be directed to the DSCU Budget Office at: DSCU Budget Department, 937-713-3341 (DSN: 713),

Date posted: 9/27/2022

SC Certification Deadlines Pause

The Security Cooperation Workforce Development Program (SCWDP) has reached its five-year milestone since it was mandated under National Defense Authorization Act of 2017 and enacted under 10 USC Chapter 16, Section 384. In order to support the National Defense Strategy and further implement the full scope of 10 USC Chapter 16, Section 384, it is imperative for the DOD's SCWDP to reassess and adjust its workforce definition and tracking, the certification process, and program activities to broaden its scope for the Workforce to meet the new demands of the Security Cooperation enterprise. This review allows for fine-tuning the certification requirements to meet the needs of individual organizations, while strengthening the capabilities of the SC Workforce. While DoD reevaluates the SCWDP, we are pausing current certification deadlines. DSCU courses will remain available for all to continue training and meeting current certification requirements. This SCWDP reassessment initiative will take approximately 6 - 9 months. DSCU will periodically post updates on the progression of the SCWDP changes. Please visit our Certification website frequently asked questions for updated information.

Date posted: 10/25/2022

Women Peace and Security Workshop Report Released

Image of report cover

The Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU) announces its release of the Women Peace and Security (WPS): Workshop Report. In September 2022, thought leaders and scholars convened at DSCU for a WPS professional military education workshop to discuss the important question: How does implementation of the WPS framework in security cooperation promote U.S. national security and advance the pursuit of peace? The workshop report provides the full details and findings of the event.

DSCU strives to be the center of intellectual life for the Security Cooperation enterprise and advance national security and foreign policy objectives by addressing SC challenges at home and abroad through education and partnerships. This workshop launched DSCU’s enterprise-wide effort to take a rigorous, scholarly look at the ways in which implementation of the WPS Act of 2017 advances U.S. national security objectives through security cooperation.

The workshop was the first of its kind at DSCU and highlighted this university’s research role, recently institutionalized in DSCU’s Research and Lessons Learned Institute. The event provided feedback for future workshops; took advantage of, and exercised, DSCU’s academic capacity and its position as a nexus of SC scholarly and advisory roles; and was vital to ensuring the presented WPS scholarly work stood up to the rigor of scrutiny by practitioners and fellow scholars.

Click here to read the entire report.

Date posted: 2/24/2023