Students Complete New 7-Week SCO Training

Security Cooperation Officer (SCO) students enrolled in the SCO-220 Fundamentals and Application of SCO Operations Course attend a diplomatic dining event in which they learn proper international protocol and etiquette.

SCO-220 students practically apply best practices on how to engage with the media during the Security Cooperation Organization/Officer (SCO) Course's final capstone exercise in April 2023.

Posted on: 4/28/2023

On April 19, 2023, Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) personnel completed Defense Security Cooperation University''s (DSCU) seven-week combined training program, which currently requires students to successfully navigate both SCO-220 Fundamentals and Application of SCO Operations and SCO-262 Briefings and Consultations. The group of students consisted of military officers, non-commissioned officers, and civilians assigned to SCOs across the globe.

To provide the comprehensive training needed for SCO personnel to have the foundational knowledge necessary for these complex, interagency, and international assignments, DSCU recently overhauled its SCO training, transitioning away from a 21-day virtual course in favor of an in-resident program spanning seven weeks. DSCU's modernization of the SCO training program represents the first in a series of planned efforts to improve SCO management and training to better prepare SCOs for their demanding assignments.

During the training program, students glean knowledge from lectures, group work, and practical exercises while hearing from dozens of guest speakers and experts including senior military and policy leaders, ambassadors, academics, and Security Cooperation practitioners. The most recent SCO-220 and SCO-262 class met with a wide array of experts including former DSCA Director, Lt. Gen. (R) Charles Hooper; Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Security, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs at the Department of State, Ms. Mira Resnik; Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation (DASA (DE&C)), Mr. Patrick Mason; the U.S. Army Security Assistance (USASAC) Command Team, Brig. Gen. Jason "Brad" Nicholson and Command Sgt. Maj. Stephen Burnley; Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (International Programs) and head of the Navy International Programs Office (NIPO), Rear Adm. Anthony Rossi and many other distinguished officials.

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