DSCU’s SSCS Hosts Advanced Course

Posted on: 3/27/2023

The week of March 20, 2023, 28 students attended the Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU) SC-301, Advanced Security Cooperation Management Course, five-day class in the National Capital Region. The student population consisted of United States Government Security Cooperation personnel requiring advanced-level training, education and collaboration facilitated by DSCU’s School of Security Cooperation Studies (SSCS).

The SC-301 course provides learners a unique DSCU experience. Rather than lecturing and testing, learners are immersed in an open and stable environment, where they can leverage personal experiences to engage, mentor, and learn from each other. The seminar participants were Security Cooperation professionals with extensive experience who were given the opportunity to hear from others on key issues in Security Cooperation, as well as, how they can effectively approach collaborative problem-solving for complex, real-world Security Cooperation issues.

The primary goal of this advanced course is to provide attendees the opportunity to cultivate a holistic, integrated awareness of the Security Cooperation operational environment. The course focused on effective collaboration across organizational boundaries to accomplish shared objectives, given real-world problems and unexpected circumstances.

As a component element of DSCU, SSCS directly supports DSCA’s missions of advancing U.S. national security and foreign policy by training, educating, and providing for the long-term development of the Security Cooperation workforce and building the capacity of foreign security forces to respond to shared challenges. SSCS professionalizes the Security Cooperation enterprise by providing courses and professional development to a diverse audience of U.S. and international military and civilian students.

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