Human Rights and Law of Armed Conflict (HRLC)

Hosted by:
Defense Institute of International Legal Studies
10/18/2021 - 11/12/2021
DIILS Education Center (DEC)
This four-week course for military commanders, legal advisors, and their civilian counterparts provides a comprehensive overview of the law of armed conflict and human rights. Participants focus on implementing their nation’s commitment to adhere to international legal instruments that control the use of force and treatment of persons in the context of all types of military operations including those that involve international cooperation. Participants will also be able to identify human rights and law of armed conflict questions that arise in the context of military operations and will know the general areas of the law that serve as standards for resolving these questions. LCHR features visits to the United Nations and will take part in cultural familiarization activities under the DIILS Field Studies Program (FSP) in Newport, Connecticut and New York City. Recommended Attendees: - Military and Civilian Legal Advisors of defense and security sector institutions with responsibilities to provide legal advising on matters of international law, military operations, and human rights. - Commanders and staff officers involved in the design, planning, and execution of military or security operations. - Other Military officers and civilian officials involved in the planning or oversight of military and security operations. Course Focus: - Development of the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully conduct military and security operations, including those conducted unilaterally or within coalitions, in accordance with international human rights law and the law of armed conflict as applicable. - Comprehension of legal principles and decision-tools within operational processes—such as positive identification, rules of engagement, and collateral damage methodology—that better enable the rapid decision-making necessary in military and security operations, including international and non-international armed conflict, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, border security, and air operations. - The course will include topics within the field of international human rights law and the law of armed conflict impacting military and security operations, including special topics such as emerging technologies, civilian harm mitigation/protection of civilians, women, peace and security (WPS), legal aspects of hybrid warfare, cyber operations, and human rights implications of intelligence operations. - The course will feature: lecturers and speakers with subject matter expertise, including active and former U.S. military legal advisors and officers as well as respected scholars and academics; interactive exercises; and case studies of relevant military operations.