Cyber Law and Hybrid Warfare (CLHW)

Hosted by:
Defense Institute of International Legal Studies
07/05/2021 - 07/30/2021
DIILS Education Center (DEC)
This four-week course for military commanders, legal advisors, and their civilian counterparts provides an in-depth global perspective of domestic and international legal aspects of cyber operations and emerging technologies present in hybrid warfare, and their impact on modern state governance. Presented by true subject experts, this course begins with a discussion of the application of cyber and emerging technologies and a review of the legislative and evidentiary challenges of cybercrimes. Participants will study criminal activity and information assurance as well as the way in which criminals utilize these technologies to their advantage. Experts review social media and surveillance methodologies as well as international responses to cyber intrusions. This includes studying current course transitions from domestic concerns to international challenges, including visits to several U.S. government agencies where participants will be instructed by current and former U.S. military and other government cyber experts and practitioners. Participants will review the application of international law to issues prevalent in the interconnected global economy and digital age, such as sovereignty, intervention and due diligence. The course will conclude with a focus on the application of cyber and emerging technologies to hybrid warfare in armed conflict. Cultural familiarization activities under the DIILS Field Studies Program (FSP) will take place in Newport, Boston, New York City, and Washington DC. Recommended Attendees: - Military and Civilian Legal Advisors of defense and security sector institutions with responsibilities to provide legal advising on matters of international law, military operations, and human rights. - Commanders and staff officers involved in the design, planning, and execution of military or security operations. - Other Military officers and civilian officials involved in the planning or oversight of military and security operations.