30 Years of Global Experience

DIILS has nearly 30 years of global experience as the lead US defense SC resource for professional legal engagement with international defense sector personnel. Located in Newport, RI, DIILS is jointly staffed with judge advocates from each branch of the US armed forces, as well as a cadre of experienced DoD civilian attorneys. Since its inception in 1992 as the international training detachment at the Naval Justice School, and subsequent transfer to DSCA in 2000, DIILS has provided legal SC programming for more than 75,000 international military and civilian participants from over 160 countries. During that time the DIILS mission has evolved to now include legal Institutional Capacity Building, congressionally-mandated Human Rights and Law of Armed Conflict training seminars, and resident and mobile educational courses focused on a broad range of Rule of Law subjects under the International Military Education and Training (IMET) program and Regional Defense Combating Terrorism and Irregular Warfare Fellowship Program (RDFP).

Key Personnel

Captain Ian Wexler, JAGC, USN, Director

Amber Ward, Deputy Director

Nate Kearns, Operations Director

John McLoughlin, Special Assistant for Plans and Strategy

William Smith, Resident Course Director

Contact Info

441 Elliot Avenue, Newport, RI 02841-1531

401-841-6000 (DSN 312-841-6000); Fax: 401-841-4570 (DSN 312-841-4570)


Vacancies/Job Announcements


DSCA is recruiting for an Attorney-Adviser (International/Military) GS-0905-13. This position is located within DSCU/DIILS, located in Newport, RI. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by following the link below to ABA Career Center.


Applications will be accepted through May 19, 2022 as noted within the announcement.