SPP-301 State Partnership Program Masterclass

This advanced course is designed for senior National Guard security cooperation experts and leaders within the State Partnership Program (SPP) under U.S.C. Title 10, § 341. The course will provide an in-depth understanding of the history, administration, planning, organization, operations, and strategic direction of the DoD’s State Partnership Program. Learners will examine how the SPP integrates with broader U.S. security cooperation strategies and programs to support national security goals. 
Upon completion, learners will be able to provide expert guidance on the SPP, synthesize inputs from diverse interagency stakeholders, address the complex challenges such as long-range challenges such as program planning, risk management, oversight, assessment, and optimization ensuring the SPP remains relevant and in alignment with U.S. security goals. The learners are expected to be able to serve as advisors and subject matter experts for SPP practitioners well senior DOD and USG government leaders.