SC Workforce Supervisors

Security Cooperation Workforce (SCW) Supervisor Role Overview

SCW Supervisors are those who supervise DoD military and civilian personnel with substantive Security Cooperation (SC) responsibilities as identified by their DoD Component.
The Certification Program will be integrated with career roadmaps, individual development plans, and personnel policies and procedures. SCW positions and key SC positions will be identified in DoD manpower systems of record, and position descriptions will be updated to reflect Certification Program requirements.

Your Responsibilites as a Security Cooperation (SC) Workforce Supervisor

Supervisors are responsible for identifying the SC workforce they supervise, determining and documenting the appropriate area of concentration (AoC) and certification level, and working with their SC employees to maintain an accurate continuous learning (CL) record.
To achieve these responsibilities, supervisors should know their Component Certification Authorities (CCA), their Security Cooperation Workforce Development Database (SCWD-D) Administrator, and their DoD Component’s SCW policies.

SCW Supervisor Responsibilities

SCW Member Responsibilities

  • Update Position Descriptions to reflect mandatory certification program requirements
  • Update personnel changes in the SCWD-D
  • Create/revise individual development plan (IDP) plans to reflect certification program requirements
  • Review and select positions’ AoC and Certification levels
  • Track employees’ good standing
  • Validate employees’ continuous learning (CL) hours
  • Verify member SCW data
  • Complete required training on time
  • Complete required CL hours
  • Serve in SC position for required time for certification level

Tools for Supervisors

Certification Center

The Certification Center is a resource for supervisors to manage their employees' certification.


AoC and certification level assignments are recorded in the SCWD-D.

How to find your SCWD-D Administrator

For information on your SCWD-D administrator, send an email to

Resources to Share with Employees or Fellow Supervisors

Points of Contact